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We were founded with the goal of providing high-quality market entry services to tech firms looking to expand into the Asia Pacific region. Our team has extensive experience in the tech industry and a deep understanding of the local markets, allowing us to offer specific go to market strategies to meet each client's unique needs.


We pride ourselves on our vast network in the region, and commitment to delivering results. With DTAKI Access, you can be confident that you are partnering with a trusted advisor who has your best interests at heart

Our Local Networks

Our extensive network of local business contacts and partners is one of our greatest assets. We leverage these relationships to help our clients gain a foothold in the Asia market and achieve their business goals. Our network includes distributors, system integrators, government agencies, industry associations, and other key players in the tech industry. We have a deep understanding of the local business culture and can help you navigate the nuances of doing business in the region.

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